Campden Morris Dancers are recruiting!
Many people in and around Campden will have seen the
Campden Morris Dancers performing at some point but
especially at the annual Scuttlebrook Wake. We are a
Cotswold Morris “side” that can trace its origins back to
the 1700s. Whilst there are lots of different “sides” and
styles of dancing within the wider Morris world, the
Campden tradition is unique and cannot be seen anywhere
else. For this and many other reasons, therefore,
we think it is an important tradition to preserve.
We are a family friendly side which includes several
fathers and sons (at one stage three generations of the
local Morrey family danced at the same time). We do not
dance all year round but only in the spring and summer
months at local events and we also take part in days of
dance to other parts of the country. Last year we danced
in London and as recently as 2012 we did a tour of
Normandy. Being a member of the Campden Morris is a
chance to socialise, get some exercise and to help keep an
important tradition flourishing. We even occasionally
have a beer or two!
At Scuttlebrook we appear to have many active
dancers and musicians and can usually dance two sets
(twelve men and boys) with spares on the day. At the
moment, however, this is the exception and having lost
some key members of the side we are currently struggling
to meet all of our commitments. We are looking to
recruit men or boys, therefore, in the local area who might
be interested in getting involved.

If you are reasonably local and interested please contact us via Facebook or email